How to Find Wisdom From Everyday People

July 17, 2014 2:39 PM

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It was one of those nondescript days that came and went, except there was a one minute detail that stayed with me. Walking along the warm summer streets of New York City, the bustling people and laughter and perplexing smells from the meat carts (was it intoxicating or not?) aroused my senses and my ears pricked as I heard snippets of conversations from the random passersby near me. A group of friends taking up most of the sidewalk walked toward me and their voices blurred together until I heard one line: "The point of life is meeting new people."

I whipped around but there was no way to identify who said that, no way to figure out the context of the sentence. The statement was there and it was in the air and it permeated my thoughts. It was a prime example of the doppler effect in conversations, muffled voices far away and right when we were...

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