Finally Embracing My Passion

December 4, 2014 4:38 PM

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I have been writing my entire life. Surviving bitter disappointments and painful traumas, I have also celebrated new jobs, birthdays and graduations. I have documented births and deaths, marriage and divorce. I have often joked with family and friends about the "book I will write one day," referring often to the almost surreal quality of some of my life encounters. Surely they've meant more than a good line? Speaking casually about this book I'd "write one day" began to ring hollow. This joke, if you will, just didn't seem funny any longer. It was a real inner desire. It was a goal. To become a writer, one must write every day. Not out of a sense of duty, or a sense of discipline. Not out of a self-imposed deadline or even, with the thoughts of what others would think or feel when reading the words. I began to call myself a writer, embracing it as what I love doing. I also enjoy learning; there's rarely a day when I read something that does not create that sense of wanting to know just a bit more -- often a good deal more.

The world in which we live is a big place. There is room for billions of humans to inhabit this Earth. I've been witness to over five and one half decades of evolutionary growth in almost every field that is known or has come to be: anthropology, science, medicine, spirituality, education, and leadi...

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