Final Oscar Predictions (From a Person Who Wants Everyone To Win So They'll Come Back For More Interviews) | Ricky Camilleri

February 17, 2015 10:10 PM

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The Oscars, while fun to speculate about, mean very little other than a few movies that would normally not make money, get to make a little more. Films like "Boyhood" get to pull in over $25 million due to awareness and hype surrounding the awards season bump. Personally, my favorite thing about the Oscars, is that when you talk to average movie goers who end up seeing all of the nominees so they can be part of the conversation, they almost always hate them all. Unless, that film is "Forrest Gump." This year it's, "'Boyhood' is too slow and about nothing," "'Birdman' is stupid and what was with the ending," "Theory of Everything" and "Imitation Game" "are fine." There does seem to be a "Forrest Gump"-like exception this year and that's "American Sniper." Now, I have my own complex feelings about that film but audiences are crazy over it. Absolutely batshit, bananas over the thing. On that note, lets check out the rest of my guesses. I'm most likely wrong on all of them and "American Sniper" will win everything, which will lead to a wonderful month of left and right-wing think pieces about the state of Americas interest, feelings and ideas about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Onward and upward creative class! For now, here's a bunch of guesses to coincide with embedded videos of myself interviewing the stars!

Best Picture What Will Win: Apparently, it's "Birdman." All the Oscar prognosticators have claimed it. The film has won too many of the awards leading up to the Oscars for it to not win Best Pic and hey, it's also a movie about showbiz narcissism playing for a lot of people who are narcissistic and ...

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