Film review: Transformers – The Age Of Extinction

June 27, 2014 9:54 AM

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Film review: Transformers – The Age Of Extinction

Four years have passed since a bunch of warring bots trashed Chicago, killed scores of humans, and split the scene. From the ashes of the destroyed Transformers rise the new gen bots. Or at least that’s what a greedy billionaire is after. He’s backed by a rogue CIA agent, who can whistle up the troops as inimitably as only Hollywood– and Spielberg– can : cars speeding down highways, rising dust plumes, uniformed officers spilling out, and everyone going bang bang.

That, as we know, is whole raison d’ of the Transformers series, based on dinky toy cars that transform, and in the process spread delight amongst legions of little fellows and manufacturers Hasbro. Robots clank about, make jokes to pass the time, but finally get down to business–of blowing up every...

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