Film Review: Time Is IllMatic Directed by One9

November 24, 2014 11:00 PM

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Let me start by being completely honest. I won't call myself a true Nas fan. I definitely listened to a few of his songs when they came on the radio, and danced to some, when they were spun in the club. But that's probably it. Now, I can certainly recognize and acknowledge his accomplishments. After all, with over 10 Grammy nominations, and several multi-platinum albums, he definitely is one of the undisputed champions by way of knockout. But no, I can't recite every lyric and I never owned an album. So when I saw the documentary, Time is Illmatic, it took me back to a exciting, familiar period, while giving insight to a story of which I was not so acquainted.

Revealed was a layer of understanding for why Nas is loved and respected so much. The creativity, awareness and intelligence that flowed out of him, at such a young age, while growing up in his environment with limited resources, is definitely nothing short of genius. If one's surroundings clearly m...

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