'Field Full of Secrets' is a light-hearted but credulous documentary look at crop circles

December 1, 2014 8:05 PM

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"A Field Full of Secrets" is, its filmmaker Charles Maxwell admits, something of a fool's errand. He set out to find a definitive answer to the "mystery" of crop circles, those strange, geometric and artistic grain-mashing designs that have been popping up in the agricultural corners of Britain since the 1970s. After years of filmmaking, Maxwell, a British ex-pat living in Los Angeles, was so far down the rabbit hole that he helped finance a prototype of something one source he spoke to insisted was a 3D rendering of what the "real" crop circles were depicting.

Maxwell had already spoken with legions of experts on film - and a sole admitted "hoaxer," one of those "cereologists" who claim to create these things in the dark of the British night. Whatever these things are, and Maxwell gives "hoax" short shrift, "alien messages" more credence and "messages or ...

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