A Few Short Rules on Being Creative

August 14, 2014 8:40 PM

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A Few Short Rules on Being Creative

I don't know You need a Socrates kind of attitude in the sense that you allow yourself not to know. There's another word for an attitude of not knowing, it is called wisdom. You cannot learn the things you already know, only the things you do not know. This is why questioning is so important, it opens the mind to go on a trip of discovery. It takes courage to say I don't know, because not knowing can make you feel insecure and inferior. This is the paradox, you have to be confident enough to let yourself be insecure for you to be able to be creative.

Follow rule number 1. And then realize that everything can trigger a beginning of an idea. Your brain associates all of the time, making new connections is second nature to it. These associations between different frameworks of reference might be interesting. What is interesting to you is felt by yo...

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