A Feminist History of Amber Rose

March 17, 2015 7:45 PM

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Despite the wrath of Kardashians scorned, Amber Rose continues to speak openly about her feud with Khloe, her thoughts on Tyga's relationship with Kylie and her relationship with Kanye West. My perception of Amber Rose has always been akin to "I could care less" up until now, but in the face of her divorce from Wiz Khalifa, who allegedly cheated on her, and her former boyfriend of 2-years, Kanye West, acting like he doesn't even know her now, I've come to appreciate Amber Rose. As a strong woman. As a person who is unafraid of her past. And, perhaps most winningly, as a person named Amber Rose who has decided to host a slut walk called "The Amber Rose Slut Walk." This is an appreciation of Amber Rose.

It seems safe to say that the phenomenon of Amber Rose first entered our public consciousness when she started dating Kanye West in 2008. Unfortunately, like many nebulously "famous" women, our attention only gets diverted to them once they are seen in connection to an ostensibly more important man....

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