Feminism in Television | Lisa Steinberg

January 12, 2015 7:54 PM

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What feminism means and its values have long been hotly debated. The idea that woman can do on their own for themselves, or do exactly what a man can without being criticized has been a recurring theme both in life and on the small television screen. Female characters who are always looking for a husband, fairytale characters who need a man to come and rescue them because they couldn't figure out an escape on their own have been examples time and time again of how television does not know how to progress. Then again, when television viewers can't find inclusion anywhere in prime time either, you tend to be disheartened and not optimistic about anything network television has to offer.

More and more Canadian shows and web series are thinking outside of the box women have been put into on US network television and are making sure that women aren't being seen as fragile, docile creatures that they are continually portrayed to be. Unlike the prime time show Once Upon A Time, which co...

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