Feet Over 50! | Dr. Steve Rosenberg

January 21, 2015 6:02 PM

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As we get older our feet get older, too, and start yelling for help! The shoes we normally wear begin to become uncomfortable, and it seems like our shoe size has changed, but it hasn't. The reasons for this are the muscles in the arch begin to fatigue and you need more arch support when wearing footwear. Also, funny lumps and bumps begin to appear in places on the foot that were not present when you were younger; therefore, your shoes appears to be getting tighter. The results of which are the beginning stages of bunion and hammer toe problems. Arch cramps, burning in the ball of your foot, and joint discomfort round out the complaint list. Professional women who are wearing high heels daily for work can also experience many of these same problems. Wearing high heels that have a narrow toe box will aggravate the tops of your toes, which can result in the formation of corns as well as putting pressure on the great toe joint. Foot fatigue, callouses on the ball of your foot and tired leg muscles may ensue, too.

All these types of problems are developmental and are more a function of hereditary predispositions (genetics) then your foot mysteriously getting bigger or waking up one morning with a bony prominence you never had before.

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