Feeling the Touch of Angels

October 22, 2014 6:27 PM

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Feeling the Touch of Angels

Many of us are feeling confusing emotions as the world shifts into an entirely new paradigm of this new age. While teaching my morning yoga class I suddenly found myself sitting with warmth and tears filling my eyes. These were the beautiful kind of tears -- tears of gratitude for the angels that connect us all, and the guidance that reminds us to accept the high vibration of energy flowing from our hearts. These tears were an acceptance of vulnerability and grace as many of us experience a time of change. The heartfelt emotions were a reaction to the bright light that was shining in the room through the large open window.

Many of us are feeling an increased level of spirituality in the midst of seeming chaos, and recognizing we may have to lose even our sense of self in order to find ourselves in our own greater truth. We are seeing that that by allowing God's infinite touch to arrange our lives as old ways to dissol...

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