Fed Up Review

May 7, 2014 2:23 PM

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Fed Up Review

There are few things worse about my job than watching an advocacy documentary that I agree with on almost every single point that still manages to be a terrible and potentially dangerous film. The anti-sugar screed Fed Up is one of those films in every possible way. Repetitive, reactionary, and essentially 90 minutes of histrionic shouting it says nothing that hasn’t been said before and yet does so in such a way that they might be damaging their own arguments by not showing the larger issue. It instead fixates on one (admittedly large) part of a massive problem before giving ludicrously privileged and ill thought out ways of handling it. It’s so sickening it made me want to eat a bag of sugar and suck down an entire carton of cigarettes to wash it down with as soon as it ended out of spite towards everyone involved. So please just know that I’m not attacking the message, per say, but how it’s being presented in a counterintuitive manner.

Fed Up is a bit of a collaboration between filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig (director of Tapped and a consulting producer on the almost equally horrendous GMO OMG), An Inconvenient Truth producer Laura David, evening news anchor Katie Couric, Chapters/Indigo baron Heather Reisman, and a slew of other pr...

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