Feathers Ruffled. Fur Flies. Lessons Learned From Ebola.

October 27, 2014 3:56 PM

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Feathers Ruffled. Fur Flies. Lessons Learned From Ebola.

Feathers were ruffled and fur flew when the fate of the dogs owned by two women who contracted the Ebola virus was brought to public attention. In Spain, Excaliber, the dog who belonged to a health care worker who contracted the virus was euthanized despite protests by animal lovers who started a Twitter campaign #salvomosaexcaliber. U.S. officials were a bit more humane; they quarantined Bentley, the King Charles Spaniel belonging to Dallas health care worker Nina Pham. Animal rights activist and Animal Fair Founder and Publisher, Wendy Diamond drew numerous comments, both positive and negative, for speaking out against euthanization stating that her adorable adopted dog, Hope, was like a child to her. The question raised: Why wouldn't you protect your dog like you would any precious member of your family?

Diamond sums up in her article in Animal Fair, "Animals are living and breathing creatures that are entitled to treatment and life just as their human friends. We are the stewards of the planet, and animals should not be euthanized (massacred) because of viruses that are not contained by man, spread...

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