This Father And Daughter Have Helped Hundreds Of Sex Trade Survivors Find Jobs

March 26, 2015 1:45 PM

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That plate of suji golgappas is not exactly a healthy diet snack. "Suji (semolina or rava) is the granular form of maida (flour). Its nutritional content is same as any other refined grain like polished rice or refined wheat flour," says Dev Khosla, co-founder of, an Indian weight management website. Khosla goes on to explain that whole grain is composed of four major components - husk (inedible portion), outer tough bran (fibre rich), endosperm (starch rich part basically providing complex carbohydrates and energy) and germ (nutrient rich part, a good source of proteins, fat, vitamin E, B, iron, magnesium and chromium). During milling, the fibre-rich bran layer is removed and germ also gets ripped off, thereby, abandoning the grain of fibre and nutrition, leaving behind only the starch-rich component, the endosperm. The broken endosperm is called suji and its ground form is flour.

Should it be used as a garnish for salads? Does it lose its nutrients after being heated? There are many questions that render cooking with extra-virgin olive oil a dubious topic in the Indian kitchen. "However, olive oil is one of the most heat stable oils," says Delhi-based nutritionist Ishi Khosl...

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