Farsad Labbauf Sees Through the Lines to the Soul

February 3, 2015 9:23 PM

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I met Persian artist Farsad Labbauf several years ago at an art show in New York. He charmed me right away. He exudes a kind of rare centeredness and humanity that is as light as air, but also very stable and contained, perhaps accounting for the compelling ability of his work to convey the transcendental nature of life. He is an artist on a mission to express what is there, but cannot be seen. His portraits are mostly of men, though I was lucky enough to be one of his few female subjects, presented larger than life on a 7.5 ft. canvas, strong and sturdy, resembling (at least in my own mind) a portrait of an Amazonian warrior from Rome. While the lines that define the space show a face, the spaces which separate the lines reveal the spirit. The very essence of the inner self that is more inescapable than the sum of its physical parts.

Mr. Labbauf: "The concentration of my work is on portraiture, but I wouldn't say I am exclusively a portrait artist, because all content is transient, as is this conversation. I use these lines to show a state of flux, just a moment in time that the sitter is there, in the past as well as the future...

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