Fargo Recap: Lester Causes More Casualties—Plus, "Bloody" Finale Scoop!

June 11, 2014 4:53 AM

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Last week, Fargo shocked everyone by suddenly jumping ahead a year to find Lester successful and remarried, Gus and Molly married and pregnant, and Malvo pretending to be a dentist. It wasn't what anyone was expecting, but it sure did throw a whole different energy into the show for this week's episode, which upped the suspense tenfold and gave us some intense heart palpitations. With Lorne Malvo around, anyone could die at any moment, and that makes for a pretty nerve-wracking television experience.

This week, we saw Lester's continued descent into murderous insanity as he—despite how well things were going for him—was still desperate for Malvo's approval and to keep himself alive. He lied with folksy expertise when Molly asked about the elevator massacre, courtesy of Malvo, that he certainly d...

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