Fargo Finale Recap: Who Survived the Inevitable Bloodbath?

June 18, 2014 3:33 AM

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We're fairly devastated that our new favorite show is over, but that was one heck of a way to go. The good guys (minus Pepper and Budge – RIP!!) won, Molly got to be chief, Gus got recognized as a hero, and everyone's gonna live happily ever after (until the next horrible murder spree that will hopefully be season 2, please). As far as the negatives go, Lorne Malvo's still-moving, bullet-hole-ridden face will haunt our dreams for the rest of our lives, along with those horrible bangs that plagued him ‘til the time jump. Anywho, let's get on with what went down.

Basically, we've never been so confused about Martin Freeman before. Adorable hobbit in Lord of the Rings? Love him. Adorable sex-scene stand-in in Love Actually? Love him. Cutie in a bathrobe in Hitchhiker's Guide? Love him. Curmudgeonly doctor on Sherlock? Mostly love him. Murder genius rat-man in...

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