Farewell to “Parks and Recreation,” the quirky comedy that bet on its cast and won

February 24, 2015 9:53 PM

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Take the shuffling of Ann and Leslie’s love interests in the first few seasons. Initially, Ann was dating Andy, who was annoying and kind of mean, nowhere near the goofy, good-hearted guy we know today. Meanwhile Leslie pined after the incomprehensibly dull Mark Brendanewicz, who then moved on to dating Ann after she and Andy split. None of these cast pairings really landed, either on a fictional or a creative level. Ann and Andy don’t make sense as a couple, while Mark doesn’t really fit into the future that the show is building towards — as Vulture’s Nate Jones puts it, “he doesn’t make sense in the bright and zany Pawnee of latter-day Parks.”

So “Parks” switched things up. Come season three, Brendanewicz was out, Andy was dating April, and Rob Lowe and Adam Scott had been thrown into the mix. It’s here that the show really started to come into its stride. Andy and April both became more fun when they got together, acting as the yin to th...

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