Famous Writers Share How They Handle Writer's Block

January 29, 2015 8:13 PM

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During her lifetime, Maya Angelou, the great author and poet, was nominated for a Pulitzer, awarded the National Medal of Arts, given over fifty honorary degrees and wrote the acclaimed memoir I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. And yet, Angelou, like countless other famous writers, experienced periods of writer's block. How did Angelou handle being stuck? As she once explained, "What I try to do is write. I may write for two weeks 'the cat sat on the mat, that is that, not a rat.' And it might be just the most boring and awful stuff. But I try," said Angelou. "When I'm writing, I write. And then it's as if the muse is convinced that I'm serious and says, 'Okay. Okay. I'll come.'"

And what are some other practical ways to combat writer's block? Writing experts at takelessons.com recommend sometimes stepping away from your work. More often abandoning ship is the best bet for getting past major writer's block. The website which connects students with a variety of diverse expert...

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