Famed Physicist’s Theory Of Relationships

December 8, 2014 5:44 PM

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Famed Physicist’s Theory Of Relationships

It appears that Albert Einstein, while working to explode humanity’s understanding of the universe and space-time, was also breaking hearts at a relatively speedy rate. This week, the Princeton University Press and Hebrew University of Jerusalem made public the Digital Einstein Papers, a collection of the Nobel Prize winner’s papers, notebooks and essays -- as well as his personal letters with his first first wife, Mileva, and his cousin-turned-lover-turned-wife, Elsa, among others.

The correspondences are organized chronologically and give a candid view of the father of relativity’s divorce from Mileva -- with whom he had two children and a very rocky marriage -- in 1919, by way of both his letters to her and his concurrent letters to Elsa.

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