Falling in Love With Your Dark Side

October 27, 2014 8:33 PM

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Falling in Love With Your Dark Side

Our outward persona -- the way we present ourselves to the outside world -- is so often our perfect, happy, evolved self; full of love and light. But deep down (or not so deep down), we have a dark side. The side that we are ashamed of; the side society has taught us is unacceptable and inappropriate -- that our shadows should be hidden. My coach, Lisa, asked me this: What happens when a picture has no shadow? The answer, at least to my artistic eye, is that it has no depth, it is flat -- it is dull, to be honest.

No one wants to talk about this. I never wanted to talk about it. Well, that part of me -- that angry girl (my hidden little vampire) -- she needs to be heard.

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