The Fake Meat Industry's Quest To Make Faux Taste Real

April 2, 2015 9:58 PM

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Tech investors are always looking for the hot new gadget or the latest sexy app. But now a lot of tech money is also being funneled into fake meat. Companies are scrambling to find ways to make a better, tastier more meat-like faux burger or pseudo-chicken strip. Food writer and carnivore Corby Kummer decided to check out the latest frontiers of fake meat, and he writes about what he found and tasted in MIT Technology Review. the headline gives you a clue. It's called "The Problem With Fake Meat." Corby, welcome to the program.

BLOCK: You went out to LA to visit the company Beyond Meat - has a lot of tech money investment. Bill Gates is one of its investors. And you watched a machine called the steer in action. It's a protein extruder. What's the problem that they're trying to solve here?

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