FACE IT: Let's Talk About Talking About Sex

January 31, 2015 10:23 PM

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The New York Times recently led its "Review" section with a very long, data-filled summation of where men and women stand on the subject of sex. Alongside pieces on "How Auschwitz is Misunderstood" and "Who Will Rule The Oil Market," you could learn that "one of the more common questions for Google is "How big is my penis?" and that "women show a great deal of insecurity about their behinds."

Was the newspaper of record--the one that still resists reporting gossip--finally getting down and dirty? Even while cloaking those 'he says, she says' numbers in so-called academia? (Would you tell a pollster the truth on how many times a week?) Forget that there was little context to the survey, o...

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