The Extraordinary Life of Rita Kallerhoff: Could She be the World's Greatest Under-Discovered Artist?

April 15, 2015 8:45 PM

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"The moment we crossed into the Medina (the old walled city of Marrakech Morocco), it seemed as if all chaos had broken loose: donkeys pulled wagons full of stones and trash in every direction; women squatted on the pavement selling bread, limes, onions, tomatoes, and fresh mint tea. Men and women, young and old, their heads wrapped in towels, walked toward the public bath house, small birds feasted on open sacks of rice and wheat while cats darted in and out of the crowd, snatching heads of freshly slaughtered chickens as they fell from the butchers block to the street. The pungent smells in the medina -- olives, rose water, shoe polish, cigarette smoke, freshly baked bread, manure, roasted peanuts and popcorn, blood from freshly slaughtered animals, hashish, leather, urine, and car exhaust -- created a fifth dimension." (1)

This blog is the second installment of a "Do What You Love: Travel" series published here on February 3, 2015. It describes my road trip to Morocco and how I accidentally came upon Rita Kallerhoff. Ms. Kallerhoff is an artist who has lived such a mind blowing life she could easily be described as le...

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