Evolution Helps Those Who Help Their Selves

September 18, 2014 7:56 PM

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Right now you have a chance to help the late evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis, one of the most important scientists the United States has ever produced, help us all a little bit. If you enjoyed Terrence Malick's film The Tree of Life, a bit of gossip is that Lynn offered her expertise in pre-Cambrian biology as a consultant for the movie, in return for help from Malick in rescuing a series of films in developmental biology, considered by Lynn and others to be a treasure of science but now fading and in dire need of digitization.

Malick and his assistant Nick Gonda did indeed help, but this only covered about half of the full series, and there is currently a Kickstarter campaign, begun by some assistants and friends of Lynn Margulis, to help save the rest, such that all the films will be preserved at the Library of Congress,...

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