Everything That’s Been Revealed in the Sony Leak Scandal [Updated]

December 12, 2014 5:28 PM

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Everything That’s Been Revealed in the Sony Leak Scandal [Updated]

Roughly two weeks ago, eerily adept cybercriminals hacked into Sony's computer systems, paralyzed their operations, and tapped into a trove of hypersensitive, internal information. Since that initial attack, a steady flow of revelations — including top employees' salaries, nasty Hollywood hardball emails, and illicit movie downloads — has trickled into news reports and file-sharing sites. Sony is working with multiple authorities to pinpoint who the hackers are. But for now, the relentless hackers, dubbed Guardians of Peace, have made it clear that they're not done tormenting the company — and won't stop until Sony meets their demands. The attackers have also gone as far as threatening the families of Sony employees. Here's a list — to be updated — of everything revealed by the hacks so far.

Watermarked Screeners and Forthcoming Films Soon after Sony's systems went down, awards-season screeners of Fury, Annie, Still Alice, and Mr. Turner, as well as a cut of the 2015 film To Write Love on Her Arms, were disseminated on illegal file-sharing sites. The films immediately became early Chris...

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