Everything Has Its Price | Michael Brenner

January 27, 2015 4:52 PM

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Everything Has Its Price | Michael Brenner

A visitor to New York City has access to a rich array of cultural resources. They come at a hefty price, though. That high cost can be intimidating for residents of the outer boroughs and for all those of limited means as well as for tourists. No -- I am not referring to theater or concert tickets which now are affordable only for the affluent elite. It is museums and civic monuments that I have in mind. The skyrocketing of entry fees is yet another sign of how American life in all its aspects is being monetarized.

When I was growing up in New York, museums were free. They along with libraries were considered public assets that existed to serve the population. Those institutions were of particular value to generations of immigrants who used them as stepping stones to assimilation and the fulfillment of aspirat...

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