'Everyone Thinks and Feels that Way!' -- A Slippery Slope to Excused Living

January 15, 2015 8:21 PM

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I was trying to tell someone about the workings of my mind and heart. I was trying so very hard to put into precious words what I was going on with me. Almost before the syllables fell silent, these words came back to me, "Everyone feels and thinks that way!" I felt quietly slapped, unimportant and made small. I looked away with tears pulling my throat. I decided to say no more as we continued the conversation in another vein.

As a writer, words are very important to me. The common phrase, "Everyone thinks and feels that way" is a slippery slope that leads to excused living. If not spoken in actual words, the broad-ranged platitude of what these words invoke anchors us ever more firmly in a mire of thoughtlessness and non...

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