EverydayClimateChange: Taking a Stand

April 10, 2015 8:59 PM

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Climate change. I've decided to take a stand on this one issue, a principled stand. Principle is one thing, at least, that can never be taken away from someone unless it is willingly given away. It may not make you popular, though, because a voice raised in passion in polite society can be a real turn off. I've been asked, time and again, why don't you show climate change in a more positive light? "People" will be put off by the negative. It will be depressing, they tell me.

I show what I have seen, I say, in the magnitude and proportion I have seen it. It is what it is. The magnitude of the problem needs to seen, without filters, for the true challenge to be understood. Solutions and change, that is real change, come only with a collective sense of urgency. The collect...

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