Every Woman as Moribund | Carole Ganim

July 29, 2014 7:50 PM

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Every Woman as Moribund | Carole Ganim

When I was a new retiree, I wrote about creating a life in context. By this I meant that I had to consider my life in a new way, as a person retired, a person formerly someone. I saw myself as a novice, a new, retiree. I was entering the novitiate of retirement. Having been a novice more than once, I have learned that the novitiate is indeed a preparation, not an ending. Thus I began to understand more about retirement as a chance to be currently someone and to find my role in new contexts. Now I have left the retirement novitiate and am a professed member of the retired class, my Social Security and Medicare cards as proof. Eventually, Every woman faces moribundity.

Retirement has been ongoing during these last years, and I am now part of the "working retired." Nominally, I am retired; actually I am teaching half-time, this for money, albeit minimal, and fun. The extra money helps pay the bills; the teaching keeps me invigorated and frustrated. I am invigorated...

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