Every Nurse Has a Secret

December 4, 2014 7:07 PM

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The majority of days I work, I leave feeling exhausted, as if every ounce of energy has been drained from my body. My feet throb and my scrubs feel heavy with sweat and hard work. My legs ache from all the running around and constant back-and-forth movement from room to room, but somehow, my baby-weight from last year has not managed to melt off. Sometimes I'm short with my husband for no reason at all. Sometimes I'm short with my daughter. And even though I spend more time at work with my patients than I do with my family, when I'm home and have five minutes of quiet time, I inwardly groan when my baby wakes up early from a nap and takes away whatever stretch left I have of "me-time." All of this leaves me in a constant state of "I'm-so-tired" and feeling like a candidate for the worst-mom-of-the-year award.

And work never gets easier. Every day I feel as if we're delivering more babies and I feel like moms are coming in with more problems. Even though the information is out there, so many women are misinformed about inducing their labor. Every week I work, there seems to be a near-miss of someone who c...

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