The Everglades' Mammals Are Disappearing, and We Can Definitely Blame the Pythons

March 22, 2015 7:32 PM

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Researchers have long had anecdotal evidence that the mammal population in the Florida Everglades - a region famous for its wild and rich biodiversity - was on the decline. That's right, 'mammals' - as in all that's cute, furry, savage, and sly - ranging from skunks, to bats, to even bobcats. Now a new study has found the first concrete example of this decline, with invasive pythons named as the primary killers of the region's disappearing marsh rabbits.

If you know anything about rabbits, you know that it's kind of hard to get rid of them. Constantly reproducing and expanding their territory, most rabbits are professional prey - when local predators kill their neighbors, they just make more! And in the expansive Everglades, where humanity's harmful...

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