Even Joaquin Phoenix Won't Tell You What 'Inherent Vice' Is About

December 9, 2014 7:22 PM

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Even Joaquin Phoenix Won't Tell You What 'Inherent Vice' Is About

Joaquin Phoenix wouldn't go so far as to call himself a Method actor -- "I'm not a Method actor, I don't even know what Method acting is," he told The Guardian in an interview earlier this year -- but he's definitely committed to the work. For "Gladiator," which scored Phoenix the first of his three Oscar nominations, he wanted to carry around a sword all the time; when he played Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line," which nabbed Phoenix a second Oscar nomination, he asked that everyone refer to him by Cash's real name; and this is to say nothing of Phoenix's "I'm Still Here" period. But it maybe wasn't until Phoenix connected with Paul Thomas Anderson that he found a kindred spirit.

"Paul applies the language of each movie to your everyday vocabulary," Phoenix said, sitting in a red velvet armchair, smoking American Spirit cigarettes at the historic Los Angeles Athletic Club on Sunday. "On 'The Master,' he talked like The Master all the time. There were phrases that The Master ...

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