On Eve Ensler's OPC (Obsessive Political Correctness)

December 10, 2014 9:50 PM

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On Eve Ensler's OPC (Obsessive Political Correctness)

I traveled to Boston to see Eve Ensler's new play performed at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard. I like her big ideas and her love of words. She did not disappoint. We were asked to think deeply about the present dilemma that the world faces: that we live in a country that is both too rich and too poor.

First let me do the title: Obsessive Political Correctness (OPC). Political correctness is a hostile phrase. It is used as a dismissal of those who criticize the systems of power. The phrase is used to squash and indict those who question and criticize. They are pigeonholed as being too pure, too un...

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