How EpiPen’s PriceRose and Rose

September 1, 2016 10:21 AM

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EpiPen maker Mylan NV has been taking a lot of heat lately for steadily increasing the price of the emergency allergy injection prescribed millions of times a year to Americans. Since the company acquired the rights to the drug in 2007, it’s raised the per-dose list price from about $50 a shot to $304 today. Those without insurance or with a high-deductible plan could pay the full list price of over $600 for a two-pack, the only way EpiPens are currently sold. The EpiPen now generates about $1 billion a year for Mylan.

Mylan offers insurers discounts that lower the net amount it receives compared to the list price. Since 2012, the first year after Mylan switched to selling EpiPen only in two-packs, both net and list prices have risen faster than inflation, according to estimates from SSR Health, an investment rese...

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