Epidemic, War or Car Crash, the Dead Are Loved

October 29, 2014 3:12 PM

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Epidemic, War or Car Crash, the Dead Are Loved

When I was in college and decided I wanted to go to medical school, I kept a picture of a medical transport helicopter on my desk. It represented the excitement I wanted to experience one day. When I was in medical school, I loved nothing better than watching in the chaos of the trauma bay, helping as the blood spurted to the ceiling from a gunshot wound, assisting the insertion of IVs and chest tubes.

Later, in my emergency medicine residency, it was more of the same. I rode in that helicopter! I helped pick up the bleeding from the highway, where metal wrecks yielded wrecked bodies. I saw the charred skin, the holes in hearts, the dying strokes, the cardiac arrests. They were mine to care for, u...

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