Envision Festival 2015 Preparation Guide

February 2, 2015 6:33 PM

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1. Insect Defense Jungle bugs care not of your presence. In addition to the familiar mosquito, there is a litany of creepy crawlies just waiting to get a bite. Your first line of defense is insect repellent. A popular bug spray is Deep Woods Off but there are several on the market. Repellents with a higher DEET content are most effective. For those who want a more natural repellent, there are a plethora of essential oil concoctions that are said to be just as effective. The essential oils stored within plant structures are released by the plant for many reasons, one of which is to repel predators. Be sure to research these oils before committing as some work against particular bugs and need to be mixed with another substance like olive oil or lemon water. Your second line of defense is a mosquito net. Especially if you plan on sleeping in a hammock, a bug net is essential to avoid waking up with bites and unwanted guests. Mosquitoes and many other vampiric bugs are nocturnal. If you are staying in a tent, placing a mosquito net over your tent isn't necessary, but definitely helps. Always remember to keep your tent door shut at all times and don't leave your shoes outside.

2. Talcum Powder For those with sensitive skin, the humidity can often cause chaffing, rash or skin irritation, especially when working up a sweat on the dancefloor. Talcum powder is a great way to prevent heat related skin irritation. There are also several organic options to baby powder available ...

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