The Enduring New York City Pop Life of George Usher and Lisa Burns | Tom Semioli

February 18, 2015 7:19 PM

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For many us with an urban disposition who experienced the best days of our lives in New York City in the 1980s, life in modern times can be disheartening to a degree. Our cherished music venues and neighborhood bars have long been replaced by edifices of excessive wealth, record and book stores are all but extinct, the mom and pop eateries, illegal sidewalk vendors, street hookers, dealers, graffiti and street poster artistry, my beloved Billy's Topless, to cite a very select few -- have all vanished. Alas, I shed no tears. My parents oft bemoaned the demise of big band ballrooms and Ebbets Field, and I refuse to repeat such melancholy pathos. Time always marches on in New York City, and there are bound to be casualties.

As such, I do not challenge Taylor Swift's status as New York City's Global Welcome Ambassador -- which, incidentally, I find hysterical. And appropriate -- given the fact that today's Big Apple appears, to my temperament and those of my ilk, akin to a Las Vegas replica. However I am a New Yorker, a...

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