Encouraging Your Child to Appreciate Food

August 8, 2014 8:09 PM

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Encouraging Your Child to Appreciate Food

We all want our children to eat healthful meals but do you strive to raise your children so that they appreciate food? It seems, as a society we have lost touch with this concept. We have lost touch with our food a bit (maybe a lot) -- where it comes from, how it grows, even what real food is or isn't. We want our kids to love asparagus and lima beans as much as they love mac and cheese. As parents, fostering a genuine appreciation for food may be the answer.

As a dietitian, I have been trained to impress the importance of nutrition, and I do, regularly. I impress the fact that we eat to nourish our bodies -- that we need to eat to live. But I've learned (over and over) that nutrients and calories are far from seductive and bombarding a child with too mu...

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