Empty Nests Are Superhero Territory

August 19, 2014 8:17 PM

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Empty Nests Are Superhero Territory

Saturday was a big shopping day. It was also a big sobbing day. My Facebook feed was filled with the lamentations of many of my mom friends who had spent the day filling carts with all the necessities and must-haves for their kids going off to college for the first time. Two confessed to breaking down in the store aisles with no apparent warning. One moment they were weighing the value of two different kinds of sheets, and the next they were bawling uncontrollably.

All moms rank as Superheroes of Love in my book because they are, on a daily basis, asked to be extraordinary, to be bigger and better than they may feel like being at any given moment. Around this moment though, in particular, I bow to the moms who are all doing their damndest to be strong for thei...

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