Emotional Yoga

October 13, 2014 9:09 PM

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Emotional Yoga

I have a friend who can go from the 'bird of paradise' yoga position into a 'firefly' and then easily slip into the 'crow' as she happily chats about her day. But ask her to take a different route to work and a sensation of horror envelops her entire existence! When we talk about being 'flexible' it doesn't only refer to our ability to move joints or muscles to naturally surpass the range of motions we think our bodies are capable of. In other words, this suppleness refers not only to physical attributes, but also mental and emotional traits.

All-embracing flexibility means that we let go of resistance, obsessive control, ridged perceptions, stereotypes, generalizations, dogmatic thinking and instead learn to embrace new experiences, eliminate certain behaviors, revisit old thought patterns and not be so guarded to change.

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