Emotional Constipation: An Adult Disease?

September 2, 2014 3:25 PM

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Emotional Constipation: An Adult Disease?

Emotional constipation is a term that my siblings and I made up when we were teens. (Little did we know it was a term that already existed.) We came up with it because we felt that people around us wouldn't let their feelings show, they kept them bottled up inside and wouldn't let them out. Maybe it was a generational thing because today I do feel that our parents' generation keep their feeling inside a lot more than our children do.

People, who can't just enjoy the beautiful day or laugh at themselves or even just act silly are emotionally constipated -- that's what I thought. And then I turned 40! As adults we run far away from our raw and real feelings. Our lives become a culmination of artificial smiles and inflated egos. I ...

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