Embracing the Conscious Death of Relationship | Jesua

February 25, 2015 10:52 PM

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Embracing the Conscious Death of Relationship | Jesua

We are so sensitive and avoidant about death in this culture, aren't we? Not only about the death of the body -- our own, and those we cherish. But avoidant about the ongoing deaths we meet in our lives: the continuous endings of forms, of stages, of chapters, of relationships. And understandably so, as there is a necessary finality to what ends, and depending on the level of attachment, the depth of love, of investment, a deep experience of loss, ferocious grief and disorientation can accompany that ending.

And so, habitually, most of us learn to resist and avoid the many deaths of our lives -- obviously the death of our bodies and that of those we love -- but we even resist the death of our own youthfulness, the death of professional phases, death of friendships and partnerships.

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