Embrace Your Worth | Barbara Jacoby

January 6, 2015 4:56 PM

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I had a couple of very interesting encounters this week with some associates that started me thinking about how we fear the future because we don't stop to think about all of the positive things that we are and all of the accomplishments we have already achieved. In one case, a woman is afraid to move forward without a significant other in her life for support. She is afraid that as she gets closer to retirement, she won't have enough money for the future. I reminded her that she has successfully raised a wonderful daughter all by herself who is now out of college, working successfully and studying for her master's degree. Her daughter has learned the independence in her own life that she has seen in her mother's life all of these years and is financing her own future. Her mom is working and purchasing a home in another part of the country where she currently plans to retire. And although something can happen at any moment to change her life, worrying that something may happen is enough for her not to be able to enjoy this moment, this day and the life that she has made for herself.

In the second case, a woman reminded me about the fear that she had just a few short months ago when she had a very negative encounter with her boss and was afraid that she would lose her job. At that time, I sent her an email wherein I reminded her of all of the things that she has done for her bos...

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