The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

October 1, 2014 7:50 PM

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The Elusive Pursuit of Happiness

It's somewhat ironic that we, as a culture, have placed such a high value on our individual happiness that we wrote it into the Declaration of Independence as one of our inalienable rights, and yet, we've done a horrendous job of teaching our people successful ways to pursue it. Our first experiences in the school system, for example, teach us that happiness and success lay in externals. If we get the right answer, we succeed, and if not, we fail. It's all based on our ability to perform, and spit out the solution in the way that our teacher wants to hear it. In this scenario, we learn that approval from others is the recipe for our well-being. We become result-oriented.

No one wants to be the person who isn't "getting it." And so many of us learned to conform, to fake it, to please other people, and to squelch our own individual interests and ideas. The thing is, life is a process. There's no single equation that's going to work for everyone, and the numbers are al...

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