From Ellie Kemper to “The Mindy Project,” 10 wonderful things pop culture owes “The Office”

March 24, 2015 4:12 PM

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1. “The Mindy Project” Kaling got her start in showbiz as one of the “Office”’s first writers, where she was the only female writer in a staff of eight. She also played the (initally minor character) Kelly Kapoor, pioneering the sort of exaggeratedly ditzy version of herself that she would hone to perfection in her role as Mindy Lahiri on the “The Mindy Project.” In her eight years at “The Office,” Kaling’s star continuously rose; she went on to direct episodes and became an executive producer in 2011, as well as gaining a deal for a spinoff show, which would eventually become “The Mindy Project.” The rest, as they say, is history: Mindy Kaling is now one of the most successful women working in comedy today.

2. B.J. Novak His debut collection of comedic fiction, “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories,” was a New York Times bestseller, establishing him as a fresh and innovative comedic voice beyond his crucial work on “The Office” (where he starred as Kelly’s on-again-off-again beau Ryan and was also...

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