Elisabeth Moss and Jason Biggs in 'The Heidi Chronicles': EW review

March 20, 2015 2:57 AM

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The good news about the Broadway revival of The Heidi Chronicles? The famous monologue about the failures of feminism still holds up. The bad news? It still holds up. Toward the end of Wendy Wasserstein’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1988 play, art historian Heidi Holland (Elisabeth Moss) takes the podium at the Plaza Hotel to deliver a speech on the topic “Women, Where Are We Going?” She starts by describing the ideal women who has it all, then admits that she’s not that kind of woman. She talks honestly about what it’s like to find herself single and childless in her mid-30s, feeling ambivalent about the other women who judge her and compete with her, making her feel worthless and superior at the same time. “We’re all concerned, intelligent, good women,” she admits. “It’s just that I feel stranded. And I thought that the whole point was that we wouldn’t feel stranded. I thought the whole point was that we were in this together.”

Feminism has changed a lot since Wasserstein wrote that scene. Today, The Heidi Chronicles might seem like the product of second-wave issues that aren’t relevant anymore. But after nearly 30 years, that monologue is still just as powerful, and, sadly, for many women, it’s probably just as easy to re...

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