The Elephant in The Interview

December 22, 2014 3:24 PM

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On Wednesday, Sony pulled the plug on the latest Rogen/Franco buddy comedy, The Interview. The trailer promised a Jonathan Ross-esque TV host and his producer bumbling through international espionage on a quest to kill Kim Jong Un. As the film's release date approached, a Sorkinsian plot of email hacking, bomb threats, and business decisions all careened downhill like the Grinch's sled. The top five theatre chains in the country declined to run the movie, and Sony, realizing no one was going to see the film in a mass release, spurned DVD and VOD, took its toys and went home.

And oh, the firestorm that ensued. People took to social media to lament that they'd planned on seeing the movie, and now "the terrorists have won!" Artists in all fields decried this "censorship" and warned about the doom that awaits all creatives. And of course, many insisted that the way to toppl...

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