Electronic Music Awakening

November 3, 2014 8:00 PM

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Electronic Music Awakening

In humanity's prehistoric time long before we invented money or an alphabet, we lived in harmony with Mother Nature, connected to the land and comfortable in our primordial selves. We hunted and gathered food for our own survival, shared stories and above all, danced to the flickering glow of the communal bonfire, illuminating the night. We danced like the 'wildchild' within us: feral, free, rhythmic, pure and absolutely unadulterated. We danced with our hearts and souls and unified as one in a merging of transcendental experiences.

Since then, we have lost our feral ways, became domesticated, rigid, and lost the connection with that inner transcendental joy. Groups and cultures who danced to attain trance-like states found themselves tucked away into the fringes of society brought out only as sources of entertainment at cultur...

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