This Election Proved We Need More Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts in Politics

November 11, 2014 5:52 PM

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A week after the 2014 midterm elections and I'm still feeling somewhat filmy, a little like a car that was left parked outside at the airport for five days. And though I don't have the documentation to prove it, my recollection is that I felt a lot cleaner -- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually -- in the weeks before a calculated onslaught of negativity, manipulation, fear-mongering and lies began to crescendo across our airwaves in the guise of an acceptable political process. The smarm. The dishonesty. The divisiveness. The rancor. The gutless secrecy. All of it, one big cloud of light-strangling toxicity that can't possibly be good for our growth as a species. And regardless of whether your party "won" or not, it was all settling over your consciousness like a noxious soot. Be warned, that soot can start to feel normal if you let it.

I had for weeks done a half-competent job of bobbing and weaving from the caustic haymakers of fear and loathing the political heavyweights were throwing our way. But I was caught off guard on election day itself by a sucker punch of a commercial so desperate and cheap that it would have been laugha...

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